Shared Groups
Are you looking for a simple way to share your GMail contacts with your colleagues or your different Google accounts?
This video will show you how to share your contacts with Shared Groups:

For a hassle-free start, please check out our Getting started guide!

Our shared groups application works with regular GMail accounts and with all editions of Google Apps!
  • Contacts can be created, edited and shared in the Google contact manager.
    Share contacts by simply adding them to a shared group
  • All users of your domain can share contacts without ever giving away their password
  • Shared contacts can be organized in multiple shared groups
  • You can specify how frequently contacts get synched if you install the app for your domain
  • Contacts can get shared between different Google account and even accros domain boudaries
  • Seamless integration into Google Apps
  • You can grant read-only permissions or grant full access for each subscriber of your group
  • Synchronization with Android based phones and the iPhone using Google Sync For Your Phone
  • Only changes get distributed for optimized performance and low CPU resource consumption on App Engine

Tips and tricks

We are working hard on implementing common features requests quickly.
Since the first version we have added many minor and major features that you can see in action in this screencast.