Which edition is the right one for me?

We offer two different editions meeting the expectations of private users and small enterprises that are looking for a simple and affordable solution as well as the requirements of enterprises that need fast synchronization, best data protection and full software update control.
Both editions come with 30 days trial period that allow you to try before you buy.
Public Edition

+ Running in the cloud
+ No installation required
+ Hosting costs included
+ Automatic software updates
+ Free 30-days trial
+ Syncs every hour

You can test our application for free for 30 days using our public trial version.

You can share an unlimited number of contacts. Contacts get synced every hour.

Shared Groups Personal Edition costs 10€ per account / year.
If you want to share contacts between two accounts you'll have to buy two personal licenses = 20€ / year.

Please note that when switching from Personal to Enterprise Edition you'll have to delete the shared groups in the Personal Edition and reconnect them to your contact groups in the Enterprise Edition manually.
Enterprise Edition

+ Running in your dedicated private cloud
+ Enterprise-grade data protection
+ Hosting costs not included 1
+ Manual software updates
+ Free 30-days trial
+ Syncs every five minutes

If you want to use one of our enterprise editions, you can install the application on Google App Engine and test it for 30 days in your domain.

   Small   Medium   Large   XXL 
Subscribers  10  50  250  unlimited
 Address books  3  10  unlimited  unlimited  
 Shared contacts  500  3000  unlimited  unlimited  
 Price per year  50€  100€  200€  999€
  = price per user/year 5€  2€  <1€   -

Our Enterprise Edition will be installed in a dedicated instance of Google App Engine to provide you full control over your data. 
floreysoft has no access to your data at all.

As you are running UCM in your own environment you can also decide when to install a software update.

1) If you are exceeding the free quota Google will charge minimum fee of $9 / month for using Google App Engine. See Google App Engine - Pricing and Features
Please make sure to configure your Enterprise Edition as described in our FAQ to optimize the resource consumption and to lower your bill.